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Performance Matters works in partnership with Owner Managers to make their dream of building a long lasting, high performance business a reality.

Our team works with a select number of clients to create and sustain profitable, financially stable, highly structured businesses which are set up to react to a changing business environment and to succeed over the long term.

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The major challenges facing owner managed SME businesses in the next two years are a) to stabilise their business following the crash and b) to position themselves to take advantage of the upturn when it comes. The rules that applied to the marketplace before the crash will not apply afterwards.

Credit will be in a much more limited supply than before. This will impact your customer's ability to purchase as well as your ability to fund your business.

During the boom times sales flowed in and your product practically sold itself. In the new environment companies will have to go out and actively sell their product.

Over the last 10 years Irish SME businesses were generally highly profitable without being highly efficient. In the post-boom business environment only those companies who build their business around excellent customer service and achieve high levels of efficiency will prosper.


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