How Performance Matters can help you

tl_files/Content Images/Jigsaw.jpgYour business can become a long lasting, high performance business through working in partnership with 'Performance Matters'

Transforming your business takes place over a period of 2-3 years.

Performance Matters' modular program achieves its objectives through a mix of evaluating where your business is at, practical assistance, education and training.


A full assessment is conducted to find where your business is at in terms of becoming a high performance, long lasting business.



Together we create a timetable to bring about necessary change in your business.


Education & Training

We show you and your staff how a high performance, long lasting business can be achieved.


Practical Assistance


» Creation of vision/mission statements

» Creation of business goals

» Creation of strategy for the business

» Building organisational culture and values

» Revised organisational structure

» Managing of key business processes including clear staff roles and responsibilities

» Selection, setup or upgrading of computer systems appropriate to your business

» Preparation of a monthly management accounts package

» Key staff selection

» Create a performance management system that will achieve your goals

» Create a system to foster innovation

» Create a risk management program

» 'Superman moments' where we help you resolve any crisis your business may be facing

You and your staff are ultimately responsible for the success that your business achieves. We show you what to do, give you the tools to do it and guide you in doing it. You and your staff must systemise the new way of doing things within your organisation in order to achieve the long term benefits.

Performance Matters cannot do this to you, you must be willing to do it to yourself.

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