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Gerry O'Brien

Gerry O'Brien is the Managing Director and founder of Performance Matters. He has 20 years of best practice and experience in US and Japanese multinationals. Since 2000 he has worked with a range of SME clients, bringing real improvements to those businesses. Gerry is a qualified accountant, holds a masters degree in Information Technology. He is a Fás accredited trainer and is a member of the Institute of Business Consultants.


Michael Greally

Michael Greally has over 15 years of experience in a variety of management and financial control accounting roles in multinational and SME businesses. Michael is a qualified accountant who holds a diploma in employment law.


Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien is a new addition to our staff. Kevin is a graduate in Economics, Politics and Law. Kevin is responsible for office administration. 



Our Partners


Performance Matters works closely with carefully chosen partners, where we believe that our clients will benefit from our combined offerings.



Sales & Marketing:

Recovery from the current economic downturn will be sales lead for most businesses.

It is essential that every business has total clarity as to what market segments it can successfully target in the future. Companies need a clear brand vision which shows how the company wants to be perceived by its target market segment, and a compelling differentiator that sets it apart from competitors, and which resonates with its target audience.

Fully trained sales staff are essential to convert the marketing strategy into real sales.

Tessa O'Connell is a high energy professional who has a proven track record of success in branding & marketing strategy in both large & small scale organisations. As Head of Marketing for SuperValu, Tessa contributed to the doubling of SuperValu's market share from 9% to 19%. Tessa also has extensive experience in Sales & Customers service. She has worked in the SME sector since 2001. 

Human Resources:

Our view on staffing is that by hiring the best available people, giving them clearly defined roles for which they take responsibility, providing adequate job training, and empowering them to do the job, brings maximum staff motivation and the best business results.

Fiona Brown Johnson is a Human Resources professional of the highest calibre bringing extensive experience of staff selection, training & motivation together with a thorough knowledge of human resource compliance issues, having worked with organisations in developing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the considerable amount of employment legislation with which SME's must make themselves familiar. Fiona is a graduate of UCD, a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development, an affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and a former tutor with the Institute of Employment Consultants. 




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